Aboriginal Culture

With a history going back over 60,000 years the Australian Aboriginals are one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures. Isolated from the rest of the world, they maintained their ways without external influence until Europeans arrived in the 1700s. Despite the dramatic changes to aboriginal history since the 1700s, all Australians have a fond appreciation and respect for this ancient culture and the people who carry the responsibility of maintaining the memory.

Aboriginals have a strong bond to the “the land” and have many stories and beliefs not only of the plants and animals but also the rivers, the mountains and locations all around Australia. When you visit Australia you are sharing a part of this rich history just by looking out upon it.

In Australia, indigenous communities keep their cultural heritage alive by passing their knowledge from one generation to another primarily through the spoken word.

Welcome to Country

The “welcome to country” is a traditional concept that is believed to have long been part of aboriginal culture to welcome visitors to local communities. In modern times, a welcome to country has been seen at many sporting and social events. The welcome acknowledges the original custodians of the land and is given in both the local native language and in English. At your reception dinner an Aboriginal elder will welcome you to enjoy your great day upon this great land that we all share.

A tour to visit some of our famous animals is included as part of your package with us and subject to availability this may include an opportunity to experience Aboriginal foods, art, music and dance.

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