About  Australia

Australia is a great place to get married. The air is clean, the sunsets spectacular, the beaches are white and the people are friendly.

Australia is primarily a western culture, derived mainly from the influence of British and European Settlement since the late 1700s. The traditional, indigenous aboriginal cultures and those of the many international visitors have mixed to make Australia culturally diverse.

Our indigenous history is one of the oldest going back 60,000 years, while our western influenced history is one of the youngest.

Our people enjoy the wealth of the land and “the great outdoors” with activities such as swimming, sailing, fishing, sports and family barbeques being regular parts of our lifestyle.

We have a balanced mix of clean, fresh air and modern cities. We value our freedoms, tolerance and acceptance of all cultures. We love to share our great wonders and to welcome tourists to experience the greatness that we all enjoy every day.


Your wedding holiday experience will enable you to experience first-hand our great sunsets, beaches, kangaroos, and more. Your rehearsal dinner is an authentic Australian Barbeque where you can sample some of our great fresh foods, fine wines and the relaxed atmosphere we all regularly enjoy.

Our consultants can help with ideas for extending your holiday to other parts of Australia after your week long wedding celebration.