Australian Plants and Animals

Australia has a diverse and unique range of plants and animals that many people travel here specifically to see.

Some are well known such as the kangaroo and the koala, while others such as Rottnest Island’s Quokka have been gathering recent fame with the advent of the “quokka selfy”.

Our wildflowers come into spectacular blooms, ideal for wedding bouquets or table centrepieces, and can be seen easily in the wild or in local parks and gardens.

Our marine life is amazingly accessable, with diving and snorkling close to each of our major cities. With our vast coastline we offer many travel experiences such as whale watching, fishing charters, helicopter tours and more to experience our marine life either up close or from afar.

Whatever your interest, we can tailor your holiday to experience to suit and ensure you get to meet as much of our natural wonders as possible.