To make things easy for you we have tailored packages that include everything you need for a successful wedding and holiday.

Of course we can discuss any item in the package. Pricing depends on dates and guest numbers.

Accommodation: for all guests for 8 nights.
Rehearsal Dinner: Casual rehearsal followed by Aussie Barbeque and drinks.
Hair, Makeup and Beauty Services
Limousines, Taxis and Buses.
Professional Photographer and Videographer
Bouquets and Flowers
Celebrant to officiate the wedding.
Location Fees for wedding Service.
Music,  chairs and decorations for service.
Reception dinner
Australian Aboriginal Welcome to Country.
Premium Food and Beverages.
Wedding Cake
Music with choice of DJ or Band.
Flowers and amazing Venue Decorations.
Photo Booth
Amazing Post Wedding Activities including visits with Kangaroos, Aboriginal Culture, Quokkas, and beaches.

Our all inclusive packages aim to take care of the hard work for you. Of course you still have control and can change any features – or you can trust us to surprise and delight you and your guests.

Our service starts with a brief questionnaire or telephone chat to discuss your expectations. We find out a little about you, and then tailor our package to suit. We give you a short list of decisions and plans you MUST make, and then we co-ordinate a schedule with you.

Once you arrive in Australia we take care of everything.

Your package starts with airport pickup for the bridal party where you will be taken to your spacious executive class hotel rooms with ocean or river views. Your guests are also provided with quality rooms, at the same or nearby hotels.

An Aussie Barbeque is put on two nights before the wedding. Get a taste of Australia’s culture with the Barbeque regularly enjoyed by Australian across this great land. This can be combined with a casual wedding rehearsal.

Hair, makeup and beauty services for the bride and bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding ensure you are all looking appropriately stunning when you arrive at the ceremony.

Luxury limousine transport will take the bridal party to the service. While our buses and taxis will ensure all your guests arrive comfortably.

Our best photographers and videographers will capture all the important moments of your day, with a beautifully presented album and DVD sent to you not long after your holiday.

A beautiful selection of traditional or Australian Native flowers can make up your bouquets and table decorations. We have an amazing assortment of beautiful fresh flowers to suit any color scheme or theme.

We have a selection of service locations, including riverfront with spectacular city views, parks and gardens surrounded by native trees and birds (who will occasionally sing along), beachside, vineyard, golf course and more.

We provide a celebrant for your service and where possible your service can be repeated in your home language.


Your reception dinner commences with a moving Australian Aboriginal “welcome to country” where a local aboriginal elder welcomes you to his land and give his best wishes in his native language.

A premium food and beverage package ensures that all guests enjoy their evening with appropriate choices. Indulge in some of Australia’s famous wines, local meat, seafood and fresh produce with dishes suitable for all cultures and tastes.

The venue and tables will be superbly decorated in either traditional or Australian native themes.

A superbly stunning cake is provided that will astound all on its presentation.

You will be entertained by your choice of DJ or local Band with popular music to keep you and your guests celebrating the night away.

For your additional enjoyment a Photo Booth can be provided.

The bride and groom will finish the evening with a private limousine transfer back to their luxurious bridal suite at the hotel. (Your luggage will be moved for you from your previous room.)

The remainder of the guests will be returned to their hotels with buses and taxis.

The days after the wedding include tours to experience some aboriginal culture, our beaches and our famous animals. A mixture of activities and free time ensures a balance suitable for all.


To find out more contact us with approximate guest numbers and we can help you plan and budget for your great Australian wedding experience.